We are a Southeast

climbing media business


The South is a major climbing mecca...

From the steepest roofs to the most thought-provoking slabs, its sandstone, granite, and gneiss variants have captivated climbers around the world. Yet there isn’t a space devoted to the climbing stories of the region - from North Carolina to Arkansas, West Virginia to Alabama, and everywhere in between.

These crags have a lot to say, and they deserve a voice.

Consequently, Steep South was created to tell locals and visitors about the climbing, developing, stewardship, and preservation efforts in our community. Whoever you are and wherever you climb, consider this your campfire.


Meet the team

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Elaine Elliott - Founder, Creative Director

Elaine started climbing in college (go dawgs) and has been addicted ever since. Steep South is a platform where her creative pursuits are entwined with her love of Southern stone. She lives in Chattanooga where she spends most of her time hiding under sandstone roofs when she isn’t busy with Steep South endeavors or freelance copywriting.

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Rich Moore - Director of Photography, Cinematographer, Editor

Rich has been immersed in the Southern climbing community since he started visiting the New in 1992, where he found himself chuffing through Endless Wall’s sandbagged lines most weekends. Rich spends most of his time on the river or rock (dependent on the forecast) when he isn’t behind the camera.

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Nathalie DuPre - Cinematographer, Editor, Rigging Specialist

A ‘Nooga native, climber for life, and fixed line connoisseur, Nathalie has been photographing for local climbing guidebooks and outdoor brands for a decade. She’s now tapping into adventure filming but still can’t resist snapping a still shot in the process.

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Sarah Anne Perry - Copy Editor, Media Assistant

Sarah Anne is a climber, teacher, and writer from Athens, Georgia. She's climbed in 13 states and five countries, but made Chattanooga home 'cause she knows Southern sandstone is the best of the best. Between her university job and graduate studies, Sarah Anne edits Steep South stories. She has an undying love for grammar, knee bars, and preaching the Steep South gospel to everyone she meets.


Cover photo by Daniel Gajda