Photo by Daniel Gajda.

Photo by Daniel Gajda.


The South is a major climbing mecca...

From the steepest roofs to the most thought-provoking slabs, its sandstone, granite, and gneiss variants have captivated climbers around the world. Yet there isn’t a space devoted to the climbing stories of the region - from North Carolina to Arkansas, West Virginia to Alabama, and everywhere in between.

My climbing roots are in Southern soil, and my admiration for this place only grows. These crags have a lot to say, and they deserve a voice.

Consequently, Steep South was created as a single domain where Southerners and visiting climbers can share news and anecdotes. Whoever you are and wherever you climb, consider this your campfire.


Steep South wouldn’t be possible without its contributors! If you have a story to tell, or if you want someone on the team to tell it for you, email Elaine at steepsouthmedia@gmail.com, y’all.